The finish line keeps moving, but so do I.

As a querying author, the goal is always representation. Find an agent, and your career is off and running. Find an agent, and there’s another person (besides your mom) who believes your words have value. Find an agent, and your book deal can’t be far off.

After many months of querying, I finally found an agent, and while some of the above things were true, the book deal part remained elusive. After nearly a year of submissions on my book SpEd (it even got a new name – I BEFORE E), the first in a series of books about a boy with dyslexia, my agent and I are calling it quits on that title. It hurts to know that no editors connected with Jack and his story, but I can’t let that stop me.

I just spent the last year working on a new book that is very close to my heart, and while this one is looking for a home, I will work on another. I imagine that when (not if) I do get a publisher, then another finish line will appear, and I will never stop running.

UPDATE: My agent and I have had an amicable split, so now its back to the querying life. #running


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